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Adam, or Adem, Eve, or Sarah. We talked about all 4 possible creations even nicknaming them so we could begin to comprehend our situation.

Isnt it both amazing and tragic that regardless of which 1 of those 4 will live, it will be named such as Jacob. Talk about hand me down sharing to a high level. The good news of this is at the least, when people comprehend these things, they can feel the love imbued into us by our parents and each other.

Im called David, but when i was created i got lucky. There were so many what ifs that could have resulted in me never being created. Yet here i am, a possibility that inherited the name David which belonged to whoever would have been created at my numerical order in this family. And i find it beautiful, yet here, also you are, siblings, parents, children, very much so in a similar cause.

We are blessed yet even so, it is possible, as a family, that in the future we will together solve mysteries that make us even more blessed.

Good luck to us, the name sharing family.

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