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afsifit > Adam Or Adem: Creational Magic > 1 The Why
Author: David Robert QuigleySeries: Bohemian Grove OfferingsBook Series Number: 2

Why is creational magic the question in this book? Because the majority of our family are creations. Also there has been much mystery amongst creational magic in our family. In this book we will discuss the mysteries of creational magic. We will do our best to have it put simply and easily so everyone may benefit. Comprehension is valuable and you are deserving this help.

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Lets outline a few of the questions as well as note topics. What is creational magic? What is a creation? What is a creator? What is the formula for creational magic? Who are Adam and Adem? Creational Magic is one of the most valuable forms of magic that can ever exist. It is the ability to create a creation and team together to overcome challenges as a family. Happiness, survival, and love are the main benefits here.A creation is the child created by the creator using creational magic to create said creation. Both individuals benefit from this famililing (a process which a family is started or added too, pronounced fah mill yuhll ling). The creator becomes the parent and the creation its child. A Creator is someone who surpasses sex through the use of creational magic to cause a creation to begin living for its first start. A vast majority of religion on our planet refers to God Yahweh as the creator. The christians simply reffering to him as God, the jews simply reffering to him as Yahweh. There is also language to explain a female creatoress dubbed a title as Goddess. We will discuss the secret formula rather comprehensibly in its own chapter of this book. The two categories of what determines creational result when using creational magic are time and materials, also subexplained as timing when, and materials used. Adam and Adem are two different names for two seperate individuals that will be used as the primary examples in this book to comprehend the differences between to seperate creations. This will help you comprehend similarities, differences, as well as doubling standards. The introduction to this book has been stated. We may now begin to study the major topics of our story. And if you are a creation or creator, then this is very much your story. Enjoy.

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