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Chapter 1898 - Journey (2)

“Lord… Lord Sikong.”

The purple-robed old man’s face turned a shade whiter when he saw Sukong Hanzhao and his enforcers. He hurriedly stepped forward to greet the group, but Sukong Hanzhao waved him off and said coldly,

“No need to explain. I have already learned everything there is to learn about this matter.”

“Haha, Lord Sikong! Long time no see.” The leader of the dark profound pract.i.tioners let out a hearty laugh before walking up to the commander. “I have heard that the lord enforcer overseeing this realm is kin and an old friend, and I was planning to visit you some time later. To think that we would meet right now—”

“Who are you calling your kin and friend?”

An angry cry froze the dark profound pract.i.tioner in his tracks. Glaring at the leader with anger, Sikong Hanzhao waved his arm and ordered, “Take them down!”

The enforcers rushed forward with irrefutable might. Caught off guard, the thirteen dark profound pract.i.tioners were suppressed before they could do anything.

Stunned and confused, the leader of the dark profound pract.i.tioners dared not resist overtly. Instead, he asked with widened eyes, “What… what are you doing, Lord Sikong?”

“Hmph!” Sikong Hanzhao said angrily, “On the day Emperor Yun was crowned, he decreed that the profound pract.i.tioners of the three divine regions AND the Northern Divine Region are to put their past behind them and treat each other as equals. You are all beneficiaries of Emperor Yun, and yet you disobey his decree and even smear his and our names in mud!? Unforgivable!”

“No! No! Emperor Yun is our heaven! We have all fought together with Emperor Yun back then. We would never disobey him!” Shocked by his accusation, the dark profound pract.i.tioners tried to defend themselves, “Lord… Lord Sikong, we are kin, and we have all suffered under the yoke of the three divine regions. Don’t you understand why we’re doing this!? How could—”

“You dare defend yourself with twisted words!?” Sikong Hanzhao waved his arm and dropped a devastating blast of Divine Sovereign energy on the group.



The sound of shattering bones was so terrible that the profound pract.i.tioners of the Purple Profound Clan turned white with terror. The bloodcurdling screams especially felt like they were tangibly squeezing their hearts.

Sikong Hanzhao had shattered the leg bones of all thirteen dark profound pract.i.tioners with one palm strike.

After he lowered his arm, he declared firmly, “Emperor Yun’s decree applies to all no matter the cla.s.s or race! Anyone who defies it will be punished!”

“Ah… Ahhhhh…” The groveling dark profound pract.i.tioners groaned piteously. The pain was so terrible that their clothes became drenched in sweat almost immediately. “Lord Sikong, we have seen the error of our ways, so please… for the origin that flows in our veins… mercy… mercy…”

“Break their limbs and hang them outside

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