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Chapter 1828: Business Owners Like Us

“Boss Mag, long time no see.”

Robert came up to Mag with a smile just when he parked his bicycle.

“President Robert. Long time no see.” Mag shook Robert’s hand. This president of the Food a.s.sociation was his old friend and also a regular at the restaurant. However, he had not been coming to the restaurant for quite some time lately.

“I heard that your restaurant had two new products that had very good reviews,” Robert said with a smile.

“Although we’re old friends, if you want to order food, now’s not the time,” Mag replied with a smile.

“I’m not here to eat. I’m here as a representative of the Food a.s.sociation to pa.s.s you an invitation.” Robert took out a gold-plated invitation from his bag, and pa.s.sed it to Mag. “The annual Chaos City Delicacy Extravaganza will be held officially three days later, and as the host of this event, the Food a.s.sociation would like to formally invite Mamy Restaurant, the kindest star in the world of delicacies, to join.”

“Delicacy Extravaganza?” Mag received the invitation in shock. “What do I need to do if I attend?”

“The Delicacy Extravaganza is an annual delicacy event of Chaos City, and we will set up a booth for each partic.i.p.ating business. Restaurant owners can cook on-site to display their culinary skills to boost their fame, and also sell food to earn extra income. Of course, you could also take part as our special judge to give your opinion on the best delicacies in the Delicacy Extravaganza,” Robert explained.

Mag’s eyes lit up upon hearing that. This was quite a good way to advertise. He asked, “Are there many people attending this Delicacy Extravaganza?”

“We already have 14 years of experience organizing the Delicacy Extravaganza, and in the recent three years, there would be around 200,000 people attending the event. This year, the number might be even higher.” Robert smiled proudly.

“Alright. I will take part in the Delicacy Extravaganza. However, not as a judge, but as a partic.i.p.ating restaurant.” Mag kept the invitation and smiled. “Increasing our profits is the way to go.”

Robert laughed heartily, nodded, and said, “Alright. I will get someone to send you the detailed information tomorrow.”

After watching Robert’s horse-drawn carriage disappear into the distance, Mag entered the restaurant.

He was not eyeing the volume of 200,000 attendees, but trying to use this chance to launch the octopus series so that it could be a real hit.

Although business at Mamy Restaurant was very good, the high price restricted its customers to a small circle. Most of the ordinary citizens only knew it as a very expensive restaurant.

Under the circ.u.mstances of limited outreach to customers, Mag did not try to change the current situation, as it was already difficult to cope with the current customer volume.

However, the target group for the octopus tentacle business was not the regulars of the rest

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