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afsifit > Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant > Chapter 1827 - She Did Not Expect Her Mother To Be So Liberal
Chapter 1827: She Did Not Expect Her Mother To Be So Liberal

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Is Miss Audrey in love with Mr. Mag?

Mr. Mag is so outstanding, a fantastic cook, mature, gentle, meticulous, and even good-looking. Even if she is in love with him… that doesn’t seem like anything strange.

Aye… she’s so pretty, has such a good figure, and is very bold. Mr. Mag would probably fall in love with her as well, right?

Gloria sat on the swing in her little yard, and frowned as she thought.

Ever since she returned from Mamy Restaurant, she felt as though she had gained a new friend and a rival.

“Puh, puh, puh, how can you think of it like this? You’re just Mr. Mag’s business partner.” Gloria blushed. She suddenly realized she was just like a discontented wife thinking about all these things, as though Mr. Mag was already hers.

Mr. Mag was so outstanding, and was always surrounded by a group of beautiful young ladies. The service staff at the restaurant alone were already beautiful.

“What is our Gloria thinking of that made her face so red? Are you thinking of a young master from a certain household?” Debra appeared in the courtyard suddenly, and looked at Gloria with a smile.

“Mother.” Gloria looked up and saw Debra. She shyly and guiltily said, “I’m not…”

Debra looked at Gloria’s expression, and already knew. She smilingly said, “Tell Mother, which family’s young master could make my darling daughter long for him. If he’s a suitable match, I’ll get your father to talk to his parents. You’re also about the age to get married.”

“There really isn’t any.” Gloria quickly waved her hands. She looked at Debra, and then suddenly thought of what Miss Audrey told her. A marriage without your family’s blessing would never be a happy one. She hesitated for a while before telling Debra, “Mother, I have a question for you. I have a friend who fell in love with a single man with a daughter. Do you think they could be together?”

“Which friend?” Debra looked questioningly into Gloria’s eyes.

“It’s… just a friend I got to know recently. A very beautiful orc lady,” Gloria replied guiltily.

Debra was not overly suspicious. After all, Gloria never lied. She thought for a while, and said, “Although the man is raising a child alone, he might not be a bad person. However, if your friend is really in love with this man, she would still have to give it a good thought.

“Is she really able to accept the child? Both their future lives are very important.

“Secondly, would her family agree to this marriage? All parents would wish that their daughter could marry a good man. A man with a child would still be a little different.”

“Amy is adorable and sensible. Mr. Mag is bringing her up on her own. He’s mature and takes care of people well. Besides, he is very talented yet low-profile and well-mannered. He is different from those sheltered young masters,” Gloria said thoughtfully. Her family should be very fond of someone like that.

Gloria blushed. She did not expect her mother to be so liberal. In that case, she would be on the same level playing field as Miss Audrey once again.

Just then, Manard, who was outside the courtyard, said, “Miss Gloria, Master wants you to make a trip to the meeting room.”

“Alright,” Gloria replied, and jumped off the swing.

“I heard that Cyril and his family, together with your grandmother, went there the moment they returned. They…” Debra appeared rather worried.

“Don’t worry, Mother, Grandfather is able to make his own judgments. I will be back quickly,” Gloria said with a smile before turning, and walking out of the courtyard.

“This child… is all grown up.” Debra watched as Gloria disappeared behind the door, and smiled gladly.

Gloria arrived at the meeting room. Jeffree was sitting in the main seat, while Madam Denise was seated on his right. Cyril and his family of four were standing at the side.

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