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Chapter 1935: Lure

“Are you really willing to give your soul to me?” Chun Yao looked at her with eager eyes.

“Of course, when I saw you sad just now, my heart was all broken. If you really need my soul, I am willing to give it to you!” Sima You Yue said seriously.

“Then let’s get out of here. Go to a place where you are willing to give me your soul.”

Chun Yao stretched out her hand.

Sima You Yue walked over, put her hand in hers and watched her open the s.p.a.ce tunnel and led her in.

When they came out again, she didn’t know where it was anymore. I only knew it was a dark s.p.a.ce, and Chun Yao was not by her side.

“Chun Yao? Where are you?” She called out loudly, but the place was empty, and her voice floated far away.

No one answered her.

“Chun Yao, Chun Yao, where are you? Where are you? It’s scary! Come out soon!” Sima You Yue’s scared voice trembled.

“Si Yue, I’m so uncomfortable.” Chun Yao’s painful voice came from all around, seeming to be suffering some unbearable pain.

“Chun Yao, what’s wrong with you? Chun Yao!” Sima You Yue yelled in the darkness, but did not see a shadow.

“Si Yue, I am in pain, can you, can you help me!” Chun Yao’s voice became weaker and weaker, and it sounded as if she was about to die.

“Chun Yao, how can I save you?”

“You said that you are willing to give your soul to me, really?” Chun Yao asked.


“My current pain can only be relieved with your soul.”

“Then take my soul!” Sima You Yue shouted, “How can I give you my soul?”

“You grab my hand, and when I call your name and ask if you are willing, you have to say yes.”

After Chun Yao finished speaking, a faint shadow appeared in front of Sima You Yue. She stretched out her hand to Sima You Yue and said, “Come on, put your hand in my hand.”

Sima You Yue put her hand in her hand, Chun Yao looked at her and said, “Si Yue, are you willing to dedicate your soul to me?”

“I am willing.” Sima You Yue said.

Chun Yao smiled and when she saw that Sima You Yue’s body radiated a little light, her eyes became joyful. But then all those joys turned into consternation.

Those light specks did not gather into the soul as before, but all returned to her body!

“It failed? How could it be!” She frowned, seeing Sima You Yue’s eyes had lost all focus, and said again: “Si Yue, are you willing to dedicate your soul to me?”

“I’m willing.” Sima You Yue said in a trance.

The light specks came out of her body again, and more than last time, and slowly gathered together.

Chun Yao’s hanging heart finally fell, but the smile at the corner of her mouth froze before it fully bloomed.

Those light specks all returned to the body again!

“How is this possible?!” She looked at the light specks in surprise. Could it be that Si Yue’s soul was too special, so this method was useless for him?

“Why is it impossible?” Sima You Yue’s voice rang in her ears, and Chun Yao only noticed her. She looked at herself with a smile at the corner of her mouth, her eyes clear, where was the dazed and sluggish look from before?

“Are you awake? How is this possible!”

“As I said before, why is it impossible?” Chun Yao felt a sudden control on her hand and was dragged and pulled hard, her body involuntarily flew out and came to Sima You Yue.

“It really wasn’t in the same s.p.a.ce.” Sima You Yue murmured, “But, we are together now.”

Chun Yao was thrown staggered and almost fell to the ground. She turned her head and saw Sima You Yue staring straight at her.

“You haven’t been charmed by me!” she said affirmatively.

“Your level of sound attack has no effect on me yet.” Sima You Yue said.

“Impossible! With your strength, how can it be possible to maintain clarity while charmed!” Chun Yao didn’t believe it.

In the beginning, she played a general bewildering sound attack. The flute played at the end was the bewitching charm attack. As long as one list

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